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Welcome to Club Penguin the best forums!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read the rules here. It is much appreciated. We hope that by reading these rules you will understand them and help us cut down on spamming and problem users.

Below is a complete listing of the rules with their descriptions:

1. Don't post adult material.
This is a forum for users 12 and older, so anything that is posted must be safe for all ages. Posting pornographic or adult material will likely result in a ban and no warnings.

2. Don't spam.
"Spamming" is posting anything that doesn't add to the conversation in the thread. This is NOT a chat room, this is a forum; we ask that you please use proper grammar and spelling when possible and please do not post garbled messages to get more posts. Doing so will get you warned, and eventually banned.

Posts need to be longer than 35 letters or else you can't post them. Using ways to get around this feature is not allowed, so please don't do it. Please put some thought into your posts; before you post ask yourself this: "Is what I am posting helping the discussion?" If the answer is NO, then don't post please.

Posts consisting of "wrong forum" are also not allowed.

Also, do not make threads directed to one person. Please use an Instant Messenger to contact someone one-on-one.

3. Don't swear or cuss in your posts.
Even though these forums are for users 13 and older, we still ask that you do not use bad language here. We have our filters for a reason -- we don't want you saying those words, so please do not try to dodge the filter. It will be obvious, and you will get into trouble. If you absolutely cannot post without using bad language, this is not the place for you.

4. Don't advertise.
If you have a website or chat room that you want people to see, you can advertise it in your signature or in the "Website" part of your profile. Please do not make threads to post links to your website or ask for moderators because that's the same as advertising.

5. Don't attack other users (or staff).
Be courteous to your fellow Club Penguin players. If someone doesn't understand how something works, do not be mean. Instead help the person out. We also ask that you do not flame other users or staff members or bring arguments here from other places. If you want to argue with someone, please take it off the forums.

6. Don't attack websites run by the staff.
Many of our staff members manage websites and services of their own which you are free to join. However, attacking these services is the same as attacking that staff member, and you will be punished for it here as well.

7. Don't bump old threads.
If a thread is back a few pages or more be careful about posting there. If you have something to CONTRIBUTE to the thread then it's ok to post, otherwise let the thread stay where it's at.

8. Don't complain.
If you are unhappy with the way something is managed, please suggest a solution in the Forum Suggestions forum. If you complain about it in all of your posts you will likely be removed from the forums. Be mature about the problem, and maybe we can find a solution.

9. Don't discuss hacking of any kind.
Hacking is very bad and is against Club Penguin's rules. Users who discuss or offer hacks will be banned on the spot and have their penguin(s) reported to New Horizon Interactive. We are also under a policy that anybody who is found hacking will be removed from these forums as well. This includes helping others hack and cheat on other forums.

10. Don't post "popularity" polls of any kind.
Club Penguin is not about popularity, it is about having fun. Please don't make polls asking who is cooler, who is your favorite, etc. Clothes and coins don't make the penguin.

11. Don't brag about your account status (posts, join date, etc).
It's QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. Just because someone is new and hasn't been active does not mean he/she is not a good user. Bragging or making fun of others because they are new will get you in trouble.

12. Don't post threads if they already exist.
This is a very common problem. When new blogs, papers, or items come out we get LOTS of threads about the same thing. When something comes out, check to see if a thread exists already. If it does, do not post a new thread. Post in that one instead. This should apply to EVERYTHING, not just updates. Please check to see if a thread like your was created recently.

13. Don't post for banned users.
Users that are banned, are banned so they cannot post. Posting FOR them is the same as letting them use your account and you will get in trouble for doing so.

14. Don't post in colors that are impossible to read.
This includes anything that you cannot see on this background without having to highlight your post. Not everyone thinks it's cool to post in bright colors, and you will be warned to stop.

Also, if someone is breaking the rules, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR POSTS. We have a little phrase we like to say "Report it and ignore it". Users that post in offending threads may get into trouble for spamming. If you see someone spamming or breaking rules, IGNORE THEM and please report it or else we all have more work to do!

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